Expect to be SATISFIED

Our 30 years in hospitality inspires & infuses our approach to customer service & leadership.

Kate Edwards & Company was founded in 2007 with the mission to help entrepreneurs & restaurateurs develop their ideas, achieve their goals and realize their potential. By applying the methods developed by Kate Edwards, KE&C offers coaching, training, and solutions that help existing businesses redefine their mission, improve their culture, empower their leaders & elevate their customer service. KE&C counts restaurants, hotels & resorts, tech firms, and entrepreneurial ventures as clients and provides performance and leadership coaching to help entrepreneurs, chefs, and managers become more confident and productive in their roles.

The Seven E’s

While no two projects are the same, we bring the same core values to every project we work on. We call them the "Seven E's" & they reflect our passion for growth, attention to great service, approach to business & dedication to our clients.



We truly respect anyone who reaches out for help, insight or expertise & will always demonstrate care for our clients and each other with every action we take.



We bring a creative & honest spirit to our projects in order to fan the flames of innovation, keep the project in motion & have some fun getting it done.



We are devoted to helping our clients identify, create & share the customer experience that is unique to their business while bringing our combined knowledge to every project.



We learn & grow with every client & every project we embark on. At the same time we keep an open mind so that we can embrace the development & transformation of our unique clients.



We will do what it takes in order to produce high quality, tailored results. At the same time our work must be sustainable in order to be profitable & create success for our clients.



We help our clients express their goals, vision & intentions clearly & authentically while we focus on clearly communicating our work & process so that it creates lasting impact.



We are honest about our projected timelines & careful with our deadlines so that we can be as productive as possible; in order to do effective work & to stay within budget.