Expect to be TRANSFORMED

Memorable Service & Confident Leadership.

The intersection of service and leadership is people. We build the people on the inside of your operation to represent your brand to the world.

Deploy our expertise as you stabilize, revitalize or expand your brand. We will enunciate your culture, empower your managers and fortify your team, creating solutions that last.

Consulting Services

Leadership Coaching, Staff Training, Culture Development & Hospitality Consulting




Break the Mold.

Employees want to work in a place that is unique and authentic. We help our clients identify and build a unique culture that supports their brand experience. Together, we will enunciate the aspects of your culture that represent your unique company while maximizing employee retention & invigorating sales.

Our team will:

  • Craft your Vision, Mission, Core Values & Philosophy.

  • Map out your customer experience & client journey, creating a pathway for meaningful contact and improved sales.

  • Ensure that your brand ideals are conveyed through every interaction with your brand and staff.

  • Develop strategies to attract new employees and grow new leaders





Educate your Team. 

Train your staff to represent your vision & develop managers who understand how to lead others. Through targeted, interactive training courses, we teach essential leadership skills and the elements of customer service so you can maximize every guest and employee interaction. 

Our training includes:

  • Foundations of service for customer-facing staff and sales people.

  • Practical leadership skills for new supervisors &
    seasoned managers.

  • Group classes aimed at forging a bond among team members and improving as a whole.

  • Specialized management training for culinary and hospitality managers (read more about this program)




Empower your Leaders.

For entrepreneurs leading the charge or for the managers who
run the day to day, coaching helps to develop critical skills &
an authentic leadership style while creating confidence in your unique leadership role.

Coaching will:

  • Empower your leaders to defend & uphold your brand.

  • Build new skills and learn new leadership methods.

  • Gain awareness of strengths & weaknesses.

  • Expand your approach to employee and colleague interaction,

  • Help you gain perspective, realize your full potential, and assume accountability for your growth.




Ensure Quality.

Whether you are opening your first concept or your 20th, our seasoned hospitality pros are here to help. We offer expert guidance & advice as you launch a new brand or make lasting improvements to your existing locations. 

We offer: 

  • Restaurant openings: advisement & planning

  • Systems development: SOP's, Steps of Service and training guides

  • Customer service & operations assessments

  • Secret shopping services

  • Ongoing advisement, recommendations & actionable, cost-effective improvements



“Kate’s knowledge of restaurants is unmatched by anyone I’ve ever worked with. She has an unerring ability to solve problems and is always an enormous pleasure to work with.”

— Keith McNally, Proprietor, Balthazar