Expect to be MOTIVATED

An Engaging, Dynamic & Motivational Speaker

Speaking with credibility, energy & intention, Kate leaves attendees uplifted and motivated. A hospitality veteran & captivating speaker, Kate will share her insights, unite your participants and make your event memorable long after it has ended.

Kate is experienced, prepared and ready to present at your next event. See her reel, speeches & video classes below and read her bio, speech list, services and testimonials on her one-sheet.





Reach out to us directly to have Kate anchor your next event, meeting or conference. 

This video introduces the Creative Live course titled "Create a Culture of Customer Service" that explains how to do just that!

See Kate's Typsy bio video. Kate teaches various topics including insights on leadership skills and an intro to table service.

In this CreativeLive lesson Kate explains the difference between customer service and customer experience....two sides of the same coin.

In this CreativeLive lesson Kate shares her tips and tricks for handling upset customers with confidence.

In this video Kate discusses her transition from a restaurant employee into a consultant and the turn her life took once she changed her POV.

“As a service organization with over 1,500 locations across North America, we are always looking to improve on our ability to be ‘the friendliest place in town.’ Kate delivered just what we needed during our annual convention. Her presentation got our members’ attention from the start and everyone walked away with tools to improve their location’s level of hospitality.
Kate truly had us at Hello!”
— -Scott Hart, CEO,  Moose International 
“You and your work are an inspiration for us!”
— Theresa Boyce, CEO, The CEO Trust
“Kate’s infectious personality, relatable experiences, and deep understanding of team-building and relationship management gave the students real perspective on how to best act in the world as a leader. Recognizing their own individual leadership styles is such a difficult idea for young students to grasp; Kate presented this task in a way that was manageable and applicable to their lives.
Thank you, Kate!”
— Kevin Murray, Program Director, Business & Entrepreneurship. National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC)