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Hello! is an essential customer service guide for business owners, managers & their teams.

It answers the bigger questions of what service is & why service is important. You'll discover insights, tips & tricks for making a positive impression on your guests & staff.

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“As a man of details, I found great value in every little bit of this insightful guide. Drawing on her years of service in our profession, Kate demonstrates how the golden rule of restaurants is really the golden rule for everything. Even the smallest matters matter. That’s true in the kitchen and the dining room, but it also holds in the world beyond.”
— Thomas Keller, Chef/Proprietor, Thomas Keller Restaurant Group
“Service that is personal and genuine is one of the few differentiators left in business. This book provides you with a detailed roadmap on how you can create a culture of service that will not only differentiate your business but bring customers back again and again.”
— Chester Elton, New York Times Best-selling author, All In and What Motivates Me
“Kate is my spirit animal in the hospitality industry. One I aspire to be. She is bright and present in every moment, yet calm and introspective all the same.”
— Christina Tosi, Chef/Owner, Milk Bar
“Kate Edwards understands the link between service and sales. In Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters, she has given us a manual filled with the actionable steps and the tiny details that create a world-class customer experience. Every leader of a service organization should buy this book.”
— Donna Cutting, Author, 501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customers