Expect to be DELIGHTED

“Kate plays a major role in helping me to achieve my business goals, providing insights and recommendations based on her years of experience. I rely heavily on her seasoned perspective and restaurant intelligence to make the best decisions for my businesses. It is a privilege working with her.”
— Carlos Suarez, Owner - Casa Nela


Happy Clients


"Kate's experience, professionalism, and relentless focus on the details of customer service are why she's the best at what she does. Service is our number one priority at BentoBox and Kate's class went a long way in helping us better communicate and serve our customers. I can't recommend her enough."

- Steve Rossi,
  Strategic Director, BentoBox

"We were aware that something wasn’t working with our service experience but were unsure how to fix it. Retaining Kate Edwards & Company was a great choice; they were able to identify the key impediments and provide specific corrections for our crew to make. In the process we also realized we do a lot right! The assessment offered both critical insights and positive reinforcement for our crew. Thank you Kate!

- Colleen Evetts,
  Director of HR, Yotel New York

"As a business owner in my early 30s, I'm often times more focused on my current success rather than taking the time to plan for growth. Kate has provided me the ability to take a deep breath - and focus on what's important in both my professional and personal life. The result has been exponential growth in the areas that matter most. Kate is my x-factor for growth!”

- James Page,
President, Hudson Creative

"Two years ago we began to work with Kate. While the managers were a little apprehensive in the first class, they soon started to ask for more. Being part of a management training session like this made many of them feel like a manager for the first time and they were very engaged and eager to learn some of the tips that Kate passed on of how to improve in all the different aspects of Management."

- David Mohally,
  Co-Owner, Bua Bar Group


"Kate has been indispensable as my coach in some of the hardest decisions I have ever made. More than a sounding board, she asks insightful questions and offers true opinions on business decisions when needed. She  has since spent time with my staff and coached our management team as we grow into multiple new locations. Kate will definitely be on our team as we
continue to evolve."

- Justin Phillips,
  Owner, Beer Table

"With Kate's expert guidance our private cooking class business has grown in leaps and bounds while simultaneously becoming easier to manage.  It's no coincidence Kate's name rhymes with great because that's exactly how we would describe working with her!"

- Mark and Jenny Bello,
  Owners, Pizza School NYC

“Kate and her team are the epitome of hospitality coupled with grace and knowledge - an absolute winning combination. Our team really enjoyed the training sessions and can still be heard bringing up references of key points even months later.  KE&C are professional and intelligent collaborators who will certainly assist with moving your business forward.”  

- Cindi Byun,
  Operating Partner, Rosemary’s

"We have found Kate to be a huge asset to our company, and a great investment for the development of our most valued staff members. We highly recommend her services to anybody that is serious about the development and personal growth of their teams."  

- Ruairi Curtain,
  Co-Owner, The Penrose