The Pathway to Trust: Self-Control

Understanding that you and your actions contribute greatly to the guest experience gives you power: power to enhance the trusting relationship and power to positively impact the guest experience. You have control over yourself and control over what people will see, perceive and remember from their experience in your business.

Reprogramming Your Inner Perfectionist

I work with clients who live at all levels of the perfectionist scale. From owners obsessed with the minutiae of their operation, to managers who are relentless with their team and to chefs who refuse hear or accept feedback. But perfection isn’t an external existence, it is internal. It is a bar that will never be reached, it is a satisfaction that will never be achieved, it is a goal that is forever out of reach. So how does one become less of a perfectionist? 

Belief + Mastery + Desire = Success.

Don’t get beguiled by talent; effort makes all the difference in the world. Working at something diligently is essential to learning and growing, and I always tell my students that the hospitality business is all about mastering skills. The belief that you can master a new untested skill is essential and it defines and shapes your curiosity for learning additional new skills. 

Addition not Subtraction: Give Yourself Options for Making Change

Options are your friend. Options offer you various ways or methods to approach a tried and true situation and gives you the opportunity to change. When you give yourself options, you’re in the driver’s seat and not subject to the emotional states of yesterday. When you give yourself options you empower yourself to evolve your thinking.