Addition not Subtraction: Give Yourself Options for Making Change

Options are your friend. Options offer you various ways or methods to approach a tried and true situation and gives you the opportunity to change. When you give yourself options, you’re in the driver’s seat and not subject to the emotional states of yesterday. When you give yourself options you empower yourself to evolve your thinking. 

Use Aspiration as Your Inspiration

In my experience, entrepreneurs seldom have a clear leadership model to follow. And this makes leading others quite difficult. Why? Because a real example of how to lead is both practical as well as inspirational. And inspiration is a powerful thing.

You're #1

Do you put everyone on your team first? This might be because you are an ECT (empathetic, compassionate and thoughtful person). ECT’s are often so other-centered that they put themselves and the needs of the business after the needs of their employees. The skill that can be so valuable in customer service actually becomes a hindrance in leadership.

Realizing the Dream

Way back in 2008, just a year after starting my consulting company, I had a vision: of becoming a speaker. When I investigated how to break into this field I realized that one doesn’t just become a speaker overnight; it takes years to build up a reputation and become a respected voice. When I reflect on how far I have come since then, I can’t help but wonder: What does it take to realize a dream? To achieve a goal? To fulfill one’s vision?